Become An Investor

Why Invest?

Of the many businesses in northern Maine, the Aroostook Partnership is part of an elite group of CEOs working on a regional basis to support economic development efforts. The Aroostook Partnership is the only private-public regional economic development organization collaborating with all the communities in the County. This ability to convene regionally allows the investor the opportunity to meet with peers and key influencers in northern Maine and take highly visible leadership positions.

The Aroostook Partnership generates hundreds of inquiries annually by marketing our region as a business destination

The Aroostook Partnership is the recognized convener of the leaders in our region.

Our Promise

  • To communicate consistently, professionally and personally in a timely and efficient manner to educate investors on issues of regional importance and Partnership activities.
  • Build cohesive relationships among the northern Maine region’s private and public sectors for the purpose of facilitating an effective economic development dialogue focused on mobilizing the business community to address broad regional issues that affect regional competitiveness.
  • Develop a series of opportunities to thank and recognize investors for their financial commitment to the organization and regional economic development efforts.
  • To imbed a true understanding of the value of investment in the Aroostook Partnership by assuring the Partnership’s leadership, investors and the entire regional community that every dollar expended through the Partnership’s activities and programs is being utilized appropriately. Bottom line: Fiduciary soundness with the highest level of investor focused credibility.
  • Connect investors’ businesses, interests and challenges with influencers outside of our region.

Become An Investor


Paul Towle, President & CEO